Over the past decade we have built a solid reputation for undertaking architecturally ambitious projects that require a high level of innovation and detail.

Our services cover New Build, Shell & Core, Refurbishment, and Heritage Works.

Our experience and capabilities allow us to manage all aspects of the construction process, from design development and pre-construction through to completion.

We work collaboratively alongside leading creative teams under both traditional and design & build contracts, acting as project manager for the client as a means of ensuring full project support.

New Build

New Build

Our extensive experience in the industry has seen us complete a number of New Build projects, ranging from large high-specification houses to mixed-use multiple unit schemes for both private clients and developers.

Our sister company AJ Banks Building Contractors merged with us in 2015, bringing with them over 30 years of house building experience.

AJ Banks Building Contractors have been registered with NHBC since 1985.

Shell & Core

Shell & Core

We offer our clients the benefit of carrying out Shell & Core works.

This allows the client to progress the ‘envelope’ of the build while we develop the detailed design of the internal finish.

By working in this way we can mitigate excessive delay costs associated with buildings that have been left dormant for extended periods of design development.

Elements of work undertaken within Shell & Core packages include demolition, temporary works, basements, structural packages, masonry and roofing.

We rigorously ensure all elements of coordination and Health and Safety are managed throughout.

Fit Out & Refurb

Fit Out & Refurb

Our management process ensures we can deliver any design specification, whether simple or complex.

Through experience, we know how to effectively deliver on programme, adhere to budget and meet our clients’ expectations.

We never shy away from experimental finishes or innovative building methods. In fact, we have a solid history of championing innovation and in the process have established positive working relationships with a host of specialist suppliers around the UK.

Heritage Works

Heritage Works

Period and listed buildings require a special amount of attention in order to enhance their architectural value.

Having worked across multiple Grade I & II listed properties, we know first-hand the level of service and sensitivity required.

We have experience of working closely with Planning Officers, The English Heritage and Estate Surveyors, and have always maintained positive relationships in the area.

We understand implicitly what is expected in terms of pre-planning and the rigid guidelines that we are expected to work to, as well as the strict codes of practice that must be adhered to whilst on site.

Works of this nature are always very closely managed by one of our experienced Project Managers. Particular emphasis is placed on being a proactive and diplomatic point of contact between design teams, surveyors, building management and neighbours.



Our approach to design is to always work diligently alongside client teams throughout the pre-construction stage.

This allows us to ensure the build-ability of a design, to check its compliance with Building Regulations, and for us to ensure that the project has been considered from a commercial point of view.

We have a trusted network of design consultants including architects, engineers, drafts-persons and product specific specialists. As a result of this, we have the technical capability to produce full specification and drawings that both integrate with and improve the overall concept.